Just the other day I bought what I believed to be a pressed juice blend from a natural grocer who shall not be named (don't worry, Whole Foods - you're safe) and I was expecting the fresh bite of kale. Kale is the realest in the veggie game right now, and I was trying to get my dark, leafy greens on. I got an apple-saucey kind of smoothie instead. I read the label and saw (much to my demise) the juice was a blend of purees and spinach and kale powder concentrate? I'm not even quite sure what that is. Regardless, it was a hot day and I drank it. But I couldn't help but be bothered long after. From food, to friendships, to politics, and everything in between, we sugar coat things. We cover them up, change the wording, and don't get to the core. So why are we so afraid of kale juice? And what the hell am I talking about when I say kale juice? I mean the real stuff. The uncomfortable discussions. The awkward hot topics. The tough questions. I've found that in all things, whether professional or even with my friends, that when we sugar coat things or muddy them up, we don't get to the (beet) root of our problems.

The above pictured is orange juice concentrate. Yeah, you probably drink something like this every weekday morning (I'll take my coffee, please).

Now you know I wouldn't leave you all hanging without some unsolicited how-to advice. If you think you may be a chronic sugar coater I've got a few tips to combat this common form of BSing.


1) Don't tell people what they want to hear EVER (unless they're paying you 6 figures to do so, do yo thang)

2) Alway ask yourself: am I going to end up having a difficult conversation with this person later? And is it going to suck more later?

3) Some people (and you know who I'm talking about) are just WAY too literal for you to sugar coat things

4) *I'm going to be honest when I say I've already run out of tips. BUT I think you all catch my drift. We can't make progress without having difficult conversations. Feelings might get hurt and disagreements may occur, but do you realize how many times Steve Jobs made the iPhone team rework the phone until it released? You don't even want to know.*

Drink the damn kale juice.

Couldn't have said it better, Jack.