So as a youngin with bright ideas and and way too much caffeine in your system you don't want to work for *the man. But I'll let you in on something I learned the hard way; don't work against him. So what to do? Work with him. This is not to say you should be besties with the man, get mani/pedis with the man, and do Sunday brunch with the man. I'm saying get on his good side (if that does indeed exist). If anything, I've learned we are little fish in a big pond, and it's exhausting trying to conquer the rich, powerful, and influential. I've learned you can't beat the system, so you may as well join it. Understanding the inner workings of the system can be to your advantage. Being an outsider won't get you anywhere. I'm not telling you to go undercover and run for City Council just to expose corruption with the privatizaion of municipal water, I'm telling you to genuinely join something in order to benefit the cause you're working for. In a past life, I hated the idea of working for a giant corporation full of layers of bureaucracy, but interning at a Fortune 500 company changed my opinion. I gained mentors, exclusive insights, and knowledge about how to get things done. I used to loathe the idea of working under men who I couldn't relate to, but now I understand how they make decisions and how I can partner with them to get what I want. A lot of my peers may not agree with this approach, and that is completely undestandable. Some people (especially Millenials) are traditional rebels who don't want anything to do with the man and wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. I get it. What has worked best for me is meeting people half way and slowly incorporating my ideals and contributing. Maybe being level-headed makes me boring, but I would rather it be this way. Let me be clear though: never, under any circumstances, compromise your beliefs. Compromise things, not beliefs. From grassroots-government partnerships, to sponsorships, panels, and coalitions, collaborations with the man can take you and your causes to places you've never been before. I leave you with this: make friends with the man, have coffee with the man, but if you alienate the man, there's definitely no way you're getting anything from him.

*The man is your crazy boss, the person who makes decisions that affect your life, the system. This does not represent all men.