Forget the fact that Ms. Williams fell just short of that Grand Slam title, let us remember that she's one B.A.B (I'll let you guess) and that we revere her...forever. https://twitter.com/tatichin/status/609000149067497473

After her US Open win in 2013, I started to study Serena Williams. Y'all, she is so much more than a tennis player. She's successful, independent, influential, and real. If you want to be the Serena Williams of anything that you do, then you need to exhibit the following behaviors:

    • Dedication: Be dedicated to your craft. Become obsessed with it. Eat, sleep, and breathe whatever you love to do (or get paid to do). This is one of the well-known contributing factor's to Serena's success.
    • Be enterprising: See opportunities in everything. Capitalize on your talents. Diversify that portfolio. Did you know Serena is part-owner in the Miami Dolphins? Also,  she's a certified nail tech..
    • Be 100% you 100% of the time, even if that means not being "on" all the time. This is what I mean by that:

  • Blaze those trails: Serena wore a black lycra cat suit to the US Open. She's also earned more prize money than any other female tennis player ever. Fearlessly pursue your dreams and don't be afraid of being the first - you may be paving the way for others like you.
  • Be confident: Never question why you're "here". Just do what you can with what you have and enjoy the moment before it's gone.


I think she's well on her way...now follow suit.