5 Tips Furnishing First Apartment There are Pinterest dreams, and then there’s reality. Moving into your first big girl apartment can be an exciting time because your space is a clean slate. It can also be stressful for the very same reason. My own space is a work in progress and I’m adding and removing things all the time. Here I have some tips for furnishing  your first apartment that will take the stress out of the process. I can’t guarantee your spot will be Pinterest perfect, but you can get pretty damn close: 1) Buy a few staple pieces and build your space around them. Before you add accents, make sure you cover the basics, like a bed, desk, couch, and dresser. In my own apartment I was really keen on having a white sofa, and now I’ve been able to accessorize it as I please with throw pillows and blankets.

2) Hand-me-downs are your friend. You're never too old for them! You wouldn’t believe how much money I’ve saved by accepting hand-me-downs from my mom and my aunt. Go digging in the basement, you’ll never know what you may find.

3) Do it yourself to save BIG coins! DIY replicas of designer furniture and accents are ALL OVER Pinterest. Also, buying furniture from Ikea is a smart move if you want to save money because you assemble the furniture on your own. Grab a friend, grab some wine, and get to work!

4) Lighting and mirrors. Lamps and mirrors are a cheap way to class up a space. I don’t think you can have too many. Also, perfect selfie opportunities...

5) A gallery wall. This past summer I made it a point to collect prints from my travels. Put them in cheap frames from Ikea and Michael’s and you’ll always have something pretty to look at! This is an easy way to make any house a home.

With graduation just around the corner for many, I recommend planning and saving up for your first place! Make a Pinterest board, grab inspiration, and remember it's never too early to start window shopping! Depending on demand, I may post more details in the future about my furniture and decor. Until then, feel free to shoot me a comment or question.

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