"How do I break the cycle of having no experience in a given job field when I need experience to get more experience?" <--- One of life's greatest mysteries. This was something that frustrated me as an information technology student who wanted to experience different facets of the field before I graduated.  In interviews I felt like I had to justify not having experience and basically beg for companies to consider me. Somehow I was able to garner some enriching experience and that helped me in getting the job I have today. I've had some friends ask me about how to get internships and full-time jobs in fields that they don't have any prior experience in and decided to write about it.

Whether you find yourself wanting to work in a different field than what you are currently studying or you can't get work experience in the field you've been planning to go into, I have some ways to skirt around that pesky "requirements" section of the job description and hopefully land the position. As with any of my advice, I make no guarantees, but with focus I think you can put a middle finger up to that impossible "5-8 years required experience with C#" for an entry-level job. Let's be real, trying to get experience in a field when you don't have any shouldn't be that hard.


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All summed up:

  • Write a cover letter.
  • Reference your student organization leadership experience.
  • Remember side hustles count as valid work experience. 
  • Use the tools at hand and showcase your personal brand and industry focus.
  • Start low and build from there to get your foot in the door.
  • Show off your transferable skills. 

The reoccurring theme in all of this is showing that you care. If you really want to break into an industry you're going to have to go the extra mile. Get creative, get out of your comfort zone, and get the job!