I am absolutely in awe of women like Rih Rih who can do it all...in 6 inch stilettos. If you haven't seen the Work video by now, I highly recommend you take the 7 minutes and 34 seconds to do so. She has blessed us with not one but two videos! And lest not forget about Drake and his beautifully groomed facial hair...but that's for another post. I loved that the first video takes place in a dance hall. As a fellow Caribbean gyal I appreciate that Rihanna still celebrates her roots after 11 years in the industry. I got to thinking even harder about Rihanna's career and what has made her so untouchable for so long and I think she's on to something:


In the best way possible, Rihanna does not care about your opinion. She's so good at not caring that you'd think she was being paid not to care. From the fire-red asymmetrical bob (that everyone took a stab at and failed miserably) to wearing nighties on the red carpet, she rocks. Everything. Flawlessly. Rihanna's confidence is something we can definitely aspire to. She is comfortable in her own skin...no but seriously, go check her Instagram. She is set in her decisions and happy with the woman she's become, flaws and all. We should learn to do the same!

The confidence...it's killer.


I've seen two videos in the past week of Rihanna telling people her opinion. It's simply amazing how she does it. She can say something so bold and make it seem so right. Whether it was telling her live band they were screwing up her sound or explaining to J. Cole that his twists were indeed dreads, she did it with style and grace. When you've been on top for that long, you earn your voice. We must remember to speak our minds!

Be. Bold.

True to Herself:

This one makes me laugh because of the most recent example that comes to mind. 99% of people don't understand the Patois lyrics in Rih's newest single, Work. I absolutely love that she recorded an entire song in her style and accent and that it's become a smash hit! Being your most authentic self will always win. Whether it's on your Twitter on in the office, I can surely recommend staying true to you all of the time.

Now get ready for work, work, work, work, work.

Here's the video if you haven't seen it (or want to watch it for the 20th time):