I always tell myself "I need to relax and this is going to be the weekend". But if you're anything like me, your mind runs 100mph and that weekend never comes. I travel a lot, I eat great food, and meet awesome people, but 99% of the time when I'm having fun I'm anything but "relaxed". I'm worried about emails that need replies, wash that needs drying, and my utilities bill. I'm 21 years old as of today. I promise you nothing in my life is that pressing.

We live in a society where folks wear "busy" like a badge of honor. Shameless plug, but we touched on this recently in our Mindfulness Episode of the Dos Cocos Podcast, feel free to check it out. I don't want to be that person. I'm energized by being busy, but there's a point at which it's gotta stop. I'm fast paced but I don't think I'm too busy to stop and smell the roses and just slow down.

This short Jamaica trip has served as a catalyst for true relaxation. There's no better time to try and relax than the time you actually set aside to do just that. So how have I approached it? What am I doing to let go? What am I going to do?

  • Get lost in books
  • When an idea or thought pops in my head, I make a note and save it for later
  • Re-evaluate what makes me happy. Rid of the things that don't.
  • Think about my goals and prioritize for later.
  • Shut my mouth for once

We get wrapped up in busy, stressed, tired. We'd rather be that way than sit ourselves down and get to the root of our problems. I want to know myself, I want to know what causes me stress, and I want to get better at letting go. I know someone feels the way I do.