This past weekend, I traveled back to my alma mater, the University of South Carolina, to attend the 2nd annual CHICKS Conference (see: this and this).

This year, I got to present on a very relevant, important, and cryptic topic: breaking into the tech industry if you're not technical.

Making sure people, especially young women, understand what's out there for them is half the battle. Making sure they feel prepared and confident to pursue these opportunities is another part. Making sure we hold organizations accountable is another. The concept of hybrid jobs is fairly new so I was excited to shed some light on some lucrative career paths for young college women. Check out the deck below and this great report to learn some more.

In giving my session I found myself learning more than teaching. I got to have meaningful exchanges with a small group of women and learn about their aspirations and challenges. I love giving talks like this one because they almost always open up a more candid conversation where we can de-compress and share in a safe space.

The most beautiful thing about my experience at this year's conference was how much I learned attending other people's sessions. You never stop learning. You're never an expert. There's always something you can take on. Knowledge is meant to be shared and it must be.

If you liked this presentation and need help on next steps then give me a shout!

"Empowered women empower women."