NYC Eats round-up For me, traveling is like 90% food. New York City is like 99% food and the rest is people in a hurry on the subway. Last weekend I made the trip up with my family and got to sight-see a little and eat. A lot. We are a family of grazers, so we like group meals, food stands, and casual eats instead of stuffy sit-downs. Here's a round-up of my favorite eats. I'll be back...

  1. Chinatown - Some more dim sum, please. Between my mother, my brother, and I, we ate 5 different plates of dumplings and soup for less than $40. Incredible.
  2. Shmorgasburg - I know I'm so late to the party, but this place is heaven on earth. A farmer's market without the farmers. Just food vendors. Like food trucks. But no trucks. If you pick one thing, pick that holy ramen burger.
  3. Eataly - Owned by Mario Batali (one of my favorite celebrity chefs), Eataly is a huge gourmet market and eatery that is entirely Italian-themed. My suitcase came back stuffed with jars of truffle and pesto.
  4. Little Italy - OK, so we might have overdone it on the Italian food. But I live in the South, so I rarely eat it. Pizza, cannoli, cheese, meatballs, pasta, the list goes on.
  5. Diners - Diners, another thing we don't really have down here. Traditional diners have corned beef sandwiches and matzoh ball soup so good they can't be eaten anywhere else. Eat at a diner. Eat a giant slice of pie. Die happy. Also, they're on like every corner.