Last winter, I took two month-long trips to England. Each time I went there with one suitcase and came back with two. Since then I've taken my fair share of trips and have learned how to keep it light but still have enough clothes so I don't repeat (you'll understand if you hate repeating like I do). Don't be like me. Pack what you need, leave space for what you want, and wear the rest.

Here I have some tips but go all the way to the bottom for a free packing checklist so you don't have to write it in your notes every time you go somewhere. 


  • One large tote to throw everything in. Basic.

  • One carry-on suitcase or duffel. Whichever is easiest for you to carry.


  • Leave the hairdryer at home. Take your curling and flat iron. If I'm only gone for a weekend I curl my hair the day I leave and leave it at home. It's one less thing to bring.

  • Travel-sized everything!!! They're usually $1 at Target and I refill the bottles once I've used them.


  • No need to bring your Naked 1, Naked 2, and Naked Smoky palettes with you for 3 days. Condense down to a mini-palette and a smaller makeup bag. No trunk, LOL.

  • Lipsticks: A dark, a bright, a nude, and your signature red or pink!



  • One pair of athletic shoes

  • One pair of casual/cute shoes

  • One pair of liveable heels or wedges

  • If you insist on a fourth pair, wear the heaviest shoes, don't pack them!


  • One athleisure outfit - an outfit you can workout but be cute in. 

  • One pair of versatile jeans

  • A tee or two!

  • A cute top

  • A casual dress

  • A going out dress

  • Your favorite pair of PJs 


Keep your eyes peeled for part two...unpacking. Happy Travels!