We are mid-way through January, when people make that crucial decision to stop or keep going with their New Year's Resolutions. The gym is getting less crowded, people are “forgetting” to pack their lunches and opting for Zaxby’s instead. If you’re slackin’ on your New Year’s Resolution and you’re unhappy with your progress, it’s time to audit yourself and re-focus.

Friends and family have been asking me “how do you keep going?” “where do you get your willpower from?”. Willpower is control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. Willpower isn’t easy for anyone. With the right insight and enough energy, you can train yourself to exercise more willpower. I’ve got three secrets to my strong willpower that empowers me to make good choices and keep going when all I want to do is stop.

  1. Self-Motivation: I’m a Type-A personality, so this is something that sort of comes naturally. I feel intrinsically motivated to succeed, and I enjoy competition. If you’re not a Type-B, that’s completely fine! That being said, you have to have systems and hacks in place so you don’t fall off!                                                                                            

  2. #GOALS: I talk about these a lot. I don’t do anything without a purpose, intention, or goal in mind. In fact, I can’t. When you’ve got something to look forward to, you’ll feel even more motivated to make good choices. Think about where you’d like to be, how you’d like to get there, and why. Pushing through with a purpose gives me some peace of mind on the days where I feel like going crazy.              

  3. Accountability: It’s so much more gratifying to achieve something knowing someone is watching. Period. Having friends by my side to call me out when I fall off and pep talk me when I feel down is amazing, and I attribute most, if not all, of my success to them. When you keep someone accountable and they do the same for you, you’ll both feel a little more pressure to succeed in support of your friend. I can certainly say every time I’ve been successful with something it’s because I could share my complaints and “small wins” with a good friend. Accountability is key!

Once you train yourself to exhibit extreme willpower, it will become easier and easier each day. It takes a few weeks, if not months, to build these habits, but it is so so worth it. So if you’ve fallen off your resolutions mid-way through January, just know 1) you’re not the only one 2) and you can always get back on the horse. You can read some more insights about willpower from a psychological perspective here. Wishing you the best in whatever you’re pursuing this year!