Every summer that I interned for a big company I told myself I would never work in a cubicle again. At least not 5 days a week. So after I graduated I took up consulting, which meant working remotely and traveling. Lesson learned, never say never, or at least not never again. 

In two weeks I begin working at the Weather Company, an IBM Business. I've moved up and over and into the Atlanta HQ and couldn't be more stoked to start. I'm going to be working directly under the CISO (info sec people, you know how cool this is) and implementing security awareness and compliance measures throughout the company and its teams. It's really a dream job at a dream company. 


You might be thinking, she's changing jobs awfully early:

It happens. When it's time for you to go, you know. And when opportunities like this come around it's hard to say no.

You're going back to a cubicle!

That I am. I've done it before, it can be done again.

How I came to my decision:

Tons of research and a bit of soul-searching.

I'm excited for this transition!

Go with your gut and never look back.