You're probably thinking: girl, you're 22. How can you have it all when you haven't even seen "it all"? The answer to that is: I don't have to.

Having it all is different for each person. If you've read my post about running your own race, you know exactly what I'm talking about. having it all is what makes your unique vision complete. 

Right now, for me, having it all means going to a job that I like, a short commute, the time and energy to get a nice workout in every day, amazing friends and family around me, time to make helpful blog content, and a kitchen stocked with great ingredients and tools. That's always subject to change.

For you, having it all might include a 4-bedroom home with a 2-car garage, a gated community, 3 children, a golden retriever, tennis on Saturdays and Church on Sundays. It might mean something completely different. It's interesting that we see so much media surrounding the concept of having it all when having it all is different from person to person! Having it all is whatever you want it to be.

AHH, now I understand. How do I do it? Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli. 

Career, love, money, family, health, hobbies -- you can have all of that. How, though? You ready? --> Start by being grateful each day. Something I've learned from Oprah (queen) is the act of gratitude. Each day, for the past few weeks, I've thought of something I'm so thankful for. I don't ever want to go through this life jaded or sad or angry. I want to always feel surprised, humbled, and blessed, because aren't those the best feelings? Being grateful for what you DO have is amazing because the more you feel grateful for, the more you'll have. To me, that is "having it all". This idea is nothing new, but it's something I wanted to share with you all. Right now you're probably thinking you had to read an awful lot just to find out about being grateful, but I'm telling you it works. 

When you change your perspective, you change your life. And that's something only you have the power to do for you. Isn't that amazing?