Resolutions, goals, milestones, dreams, whatever you want to call them, are important for personal growth.  I hear a lot of New Year's Resolutions slander around the first couple weeks of the year, but to anyone who’s work on something bigger than themselves: I salute you. In regards to the New Year, I must say there’s no better feeling than getting a headstart on your resolutions. Last month I sat myself down, wrote specific goals with timelines (in nothing other than a spreadsheet, of course), and got to work. One of my most challenging and important goals for the new year was to lose 50 pounds by mid-April, and in the month of December I lost 14 pounds! What inspired me to hunker down and lose the weight was the amazing book You Are A Badass.  It pushed me to some tough love and honest conversations with myself about why I’ve failed in the past and how I can succeed in the future.

Most people want to know, how did I do it? I mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared myself for the changes I was about to undergo. Some people might call this “being ready for your blessing”. Every person has a different method to their madness, but I wanted to share what’s been working for me:

  • CICO method - Calories in, calories out is a controversial diet trend, but it’s working for me now. Basically you calculate a calorie deficit necessary to lose a desired amount of weight, and restrict your calories from there.
  • TNDO - Take no days off. I try to get in a workout every single day, even if it’s thirty minutes.
  • Planning and Prep - I plan my meals and prep them. This saves me time, money, and guesswork so I’m less likely to cheat. Recipes coming your way soon!
  • MyFitnessPal - On a diet like this, it’s imperative that you’re journaling what you’re eating, even if it’s something fattening or over your daily calorie limit. The app has pushed me to make better decisions by allowing me to see my progress and understand how my food choices have affected it. Add me! Tatichin94
  • Accountability partners - My mom, my best friends, and some great folks on social media have made all the difference in this journey. We can complain to each other and motivate each other, and nudge each other when we fall off.


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If you feel inspired to go on a weight loss journey, I recommend lots of self-reflection, research, and consulting your doctor and important people in your life before you do so. And if you have other questions (or want to shoot me some tips), you can email me!