I recently took one of those Buzzfeed quizzes that tells you everything you don't want to know about yourself. It asked me to imagine a box. I imagined the box was made of glass. Apparently this means I tend to share a lot. Warning: I'm about to share a lot. Recently I started a new job that I've been pretty nervous and excited about. I've been excited to accomplish a new set of work #goals but nervous about quite a few things when it comes to my role. I thought it best to share my 3 worst career fears so I can attempt to get over them and possibly get some help and feedback from my friends on here! They say the first step is admitting, so here goes nothing:

    1. Not being valuable - We'll start with my absolute worst career fear. No matter what your role is in an organization your goal is to ultimately add value. Whether it's monetary value, efficiency, creativity, or something else - I always want to add value to my organization. I want to make someone's day better, I want to make someone's job easier, I want to improve processes. If I'm not doing that am I really doing my job?          
    2. Not being visible - It really doesn't matter what great work you're doing if nobody sees it. You could be the most talented marketer or artist in the world but if nobody saw your work how would you get the recognition, compensation, or promotion your deserve? I want to make sure that in any stage of my career I am visible to the people who make the decisions that can impact my career.                                                                                         
    3. Staying Stagnant - I don't ever want to be 100% comfortable. I want to be challenged so I can grow!  When there are no more opportunities for personal or professional growth you know it's time to go. Don't plateau! Routine is great, but stagnancy is not.

    "You feel the pressure? Man, I know the pressure." - Aubrey Drake Graham

    I wanna know, what's your worst career fear? Comment here or @ me on Twitter!