Have you ever been so tired after a trip, smelling like the lap dog next to the plane, looking like yesterday's hair and makeup, and feeling like doing nothing at all?

I used to absolutely loathe unpacking after a trip. I was one of those people who didn't unpack until they had to pack for their next trip. My suitcase would glare at me in disgust until it was finally time to do laundry again and eventually pack that clean laundry into my suitcase, again. You might be one of these people. It's OK. I'm writing this for you. It's weird how we have to be motivated to do such simple things but the fact of the matter is we do. Listen up and take notes because this one trick will completely change the unpacking game.

Here it is:

Dump it all on your bed.

You're probably thinking: why the hell would I do that if I need to sleep on my bed? That's the entire point, silly! You aren't going to want to sleep on a bed full of clothes and possibly a hairdryer, curling iron, or pair of stilettos. At least I hope not. For those of you who may already do this, why didn't you say anything sooner?! Oh well. Listen carefully to my exact instructions and you will find yourself unpacked and stress-free in no time.

1. Put your dirty clothes at the top of your suitcase when you're ready to leave your vacation destination, or your in-laws, or your dorm room. 

2. As soon as you walk in the door, unzip that thing and dump it on your bed.

3. Put the dirty laundry into the wash and put the rest away.

Now this trick might not work for everyone. If you don't mind sleeping on dirty clothes that there's probably not a lot of good advice I can give you, LOL! This is just what works for me every time I get home and I want to do nothing more than binge on Kardashians and pass out.

Dump it!

This simple trick can save you a surprising amount time over unpacking. Unpacking after a trip should be mindless, easy, and over with by the time you get home.

Side note: If you packed light and according to the tips in my last post, almost all of your clothes should go straight to the laundry anyway. Easy! 

How do you unpack after a trip?