I'm not a particularly anxious person, but one thing I was always excited and nervous for was the incoming school year. It meant new professors, new clothes, new classmates and friends, and a fresh start for my struggling GPA (mhmm). Most college students don't go back for class until mid August - early September, and with internships coming to a close, your anxiety builds. You may have some down time between now and when classes start, so why not use this time to get your life together? We all know it's a hot mess after syllabus week is over, but if you're somewhat organized and strategized for this year, things won't be so bad. Here are _ things you can do to prepare.

  1. Get your money right - If you've made some money this summer, set it aside in savings. Plan your budget for the semester in a spreadsheet. But if you're anything like how I was in college, you won't have to budget because that would require money in the first place (LOL). 
  2. Food - Plan your meals or get a meal plan. Or both? Food is fuel in college, and ramen is no bueno. Figure out what works best for your budget, and make sure you're eating! 
  3. De-clutter your tech - Delete and categorize emails, clear those desktop and documents folders, and delete those texts and photos from your phone! Ahhh. What a feeling.
  4. Save your syllabi - Read them so you aren't blindsided on the first day when your professor plops a pre-test on your test. They've been known to do that. 
  5. Update that resume - You'll be ready to shoot it over to someone when a job or internship opportunity comes up this semester (because one will come)! 
  6. Apply for jobs - Get a head start on your semester job search if you don't already have a job. Local businesses and campus jobs usually hire around August, and you don't want to get stuck with a bad job (or no job).
  7. Clean that closet! - Take one day to clean out your closet. Decide what to sell, give away, and keep. Make space and money for new clothes! 
  8. Workout routine - If you schedule your workouts like you do meetings or classes, you'll be on track the entire semester. They say it takes 21 reptitions to make a habit, so start now! 

And lastly, some tips from my Twitter pals, who've all been through it too! 

Good luck this year! Tell me how it's going!