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What It's Really Like To Work From Home


What It's Really Like To Work From Home

So you want to work from home? Or maybe just wondered what it's like? I didn't know I was going to be working from home until after I interviewed for my current position. I had no clue what that entailed, if I would have support, and if I would like it. All I knew is I told myself I never wanted to be restricted to the confines of a traditional office from 9-5, like I had done for the 3 previous summers. Going into my first job out of school working from home and traveling for projects was daunting, but I'm 7 months in and I think I've got it down. If you're interested in consulting, a lot of firms now have their consultants work from home when they aren't traveling (my arrangement). Friends and inquiring minds have asked me a lot of questions, so I wanted to write about what it's really like to work from home.

*Mind you, I am a single person with no kids and my experience working from home varies from those of others!*

What people think it's like:

  • You can get away with not working at all
  • You're alone
  • There's no discipline/rules
  • You don't get a lot of work

What it's really like:

  • Sometimes you can find yourself working late hours because you don't have to commute and can't get away from the computer!
  • There are colleagues, teammates, managers, and mentors all looking out for you who you talk to everyday!
  • There is a clear expectation set about your availability and performance, although there is a certain flexibility associated with working from home
  • I often work in my pajamas and from my couch
  • I sit in just as many meetings, most of them just virtual


  • Get a rhythm going and get comfortable with your working style and hours
  • Go into the office (sometimes) if there is a local one available to you
  • Make yourself visible to local coworkers
  • Ask for help, guidance, and mentorship
  • Take initiative in asking for more projects because if people can't see you they can't picture your workload!


  • Work in the same place everyday, get really familiar with your local coffee shops!
  • Skip hours of work. It will catch up to you.
  • Work from home if you don't have good self-discipline (it's OK)
  • Work too many hours. It's very possible to lose track of time.

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If you have other questions, feel free to shoot me an email!