I absolutely love it when favorite Food Network and Cooking Channel stars do episodes like "My Perfect Food Day". Yes Tia Mowry, please walk me through your breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between. I live for perfect food days.

I eat pretty clean and "practically paleo" during the week but on the weekends I live unrestricted. I don't make myself feel bad for indulging, and because of that I actually tend not to over-indulge. OK, so this weekend I may have over-indulged but for good reason! It was Atlanta Food and Wine Festival weekend.  Unfortunately I didn't get to attend every event (prices were anywhere from $100-500 for each event) but I did enjoy the most amazing brunch on Sunday. People really sleep on Atlanta's restaurant scene. From dives to fancy steakhouses to ethnic fusion spots, we have at least one of everything.

This weekend could only be summed up as the perfect food weekend. Why? Grazing. Atlanta gives us so many opportunities to try before we commit. From food festivals to tastings we've got plenty of chances to eat a little and then eat some more.


Krog Street Market. KSM has been open for a little over two years now. It's often compared to Ponce City Market, but in my opinion it's a much better location for true foodies. They've got a dozen fast casual restaurants and just a couple of sit-downs. Friday night I was able to enjoy a $9 BLT (never again), a cup of hot, fresh garlic fries, and a plate of dumplings all in one sitting. This is what I mean by grazing. And the benches? They're great because they don't make you feel so bad when you've got 5 different plates sitting in front of you. I appreciate you, Krog Street Market. We even got to meet Jeni, the creator of the Jeni's Ice Creams chain!


Virginia Highlands Summerfest. Virginia Highlands is situated between Piedmont Park and Little Five Points, and is as suburban as the city gets. This weekend I was transported back into the suburbs upon arrival into the festival. Balloon animals, crying babies, a G-rated band...so why was I there? I won a pair of tickets to the VIP margarita tasting tent from Yelp! Atlanta so of COURSE I went. But before we even reached the tent we had to stop for some freshly squeezed limeade, New Orleans gumbo, and Siri chicken. Wow. I had no clue I was about to drop $15 on street food but I did. Delicious. Zero regrets. And the margarita tasting? I left full, tipsy, and content.


Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Sunday Brunch. Wow. This brunch was the literal salted caramel icing on the perfect food weekend cake. Worth all $47 and $10 in parking. I would have paid more just for the chef lineup. This was not just any brunch, but a brunch hosted, curated, and cooked by Atlanta's most beloved chefs (i.e.: Kevin Rathbun, Kevin Gillespie). I lost count of the number of plates we ate after 10. From the decor, to the bottomless alcoholic concoctions, to the location, I was nothing short of pleased. Some of the dishes? Johnny cakes with blue crab, salt and pepper tenderloin and chili risotto, maple blueberry pancakes with sweet corn and lemon curd, peach brioche French toast, just to name a few. I'll definitely be back to this event next year. It was like a dream, and that might partially be because I attended while drunkover (drunk and hungover). 


What a perfect food weekend. Thanks, Atlanta. Here's to many more!