This weekend kicked off the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and all serious matters aside, this is an incredible time in the lives of thousands of athletes. For many of them, being in Rio means competing for gold, for some of them, being there just means being grateful for the opportunity (see: The Refugee Team). While these athletes will be competing against each other for medals and the spotlight, each one of them is actually running their own race.


Hold up. Wait a minute. What does "running your own race" even mean? Aren't they technically competing for medals? And isn't that a cliche, Tati?  Just hear me out.

Running your own race means: having your own story and telling it in your voice

Running your own race means: having a very distinct vision for your own life.

Running your own race means: always looking toward your goals while being aware of what's around you.

Running your own race means: not focusing too much on who's next to you or who's behind you. 

Running your own race means: beating your own best time, not anybody else's

Running your own race means: never looking back

Running your own race means: ending up somewhere different than where you started.

Whether you're launching a business, trying to finish school, or starting a blog, this is important for you to understand. There will always be other people on the track, in the audience, and in the arena. There will always be people ahead of or behind you. But if you spend all of your time looking at what others are doing, you're going to trip over your own feet. I've fallen into the trap of comparing my beginning to someone else's middle, and it's only hurt me. This is not to say you shouldn't be motivated by others, though! Being motivated by others' successes is important to our own success. Remember that you're competing to be the best version of you, and everything else will fall into place.