A lot of you readers have asked me for a guide on shopping at Whole Foods, so consider this a crash course. Welcome to WFM 101, kids! Between farmers markets, local grocery chains, and big grocers like Whole Foods Market, it’s hard to know where to shop for what. Let's be honest, shopping at WFM for everything isn't affordable for most people, and it's mostly not necessary. I'm here to help you figure out how to navigate through the aisles and save some cash.

Think of this guide as a list of tips and tricks for navigating through Whole Foods, and not so much as a list. If there is enough interest, I'd love to make a follow-up guide, so please let me know if you found this guide helpful in the comments below! 

What to expect:

What you need to know before shopping at Whole Foods:

  • How this whole Amazon/Whole Foods thing works

  • How to find the best deals

  • What things to avoid buying at Whole Foods

  • Best things to buy at Whole Foods

What are your Whole Foods favorites? I know I've got a few (so guilty of buying that delicious guacamole, many times!)...drop them in the comments!

*This guide is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Amazon or Whole Foods Market.