I get this question a lot. Why do you blog?  The question used to make me nervous, but nowI love it! I blog for a few reasons, but if you asked me if I had any plans to blog about 3 years ago I'd say hell no.

Blogging since the fall of 2014 has been a beautiful and challenging journey of self-discovery (I'm not even kidding). If anything, I've learned more about myself than anything else. Blogging can be sort of lonely and difficult to navigate at first. Are people going to care about what I have to say? Is this too much information? Am I talking to a wall? But being selfish and sticking to my guns has helped me along the way.

For those of you reading this who don't know me personally, it might help to get a little background. I work in the technology industry as an Information Security Analyst but I spend most of my time outside of work cooking, traveling, and talking careers with my peers. I wanted an outlet to share my passions and thought I'd start here. You might still be wondering, why do you blog?


My blog is my own online diary for the world to see. It's my safe space when 140 characters isn't enough. It helps me keep a nice record of what I do and important milestones in my life. It has actually helped me become more self aware, and believe it or not, a better writer. I've learned to use less words to say more. I've learned what kind of person I am. I have learned to sit back and reflect. Blogging is good for the soul.


At the end of the day, the goal is to have young people (especially young women) use my site as a resource and a landing page. When they want to cook an easy weeknight recipe they come here. When they want tips on salary negotiation they come here. When they want to learn how to travel cheaply they come here. My blog is exactly that, my blog. My experiences and my perspective are different, and that's what makes it mine.

If you're a blogger tell me why you blog in the comments! I want to know! Post the link to your blog, too! #WhyIBlog